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About errors when importing PowerAutomate flows that include SharePoint actions

An error will occur when importing a PowerAutomate flow that includes a SharePoint action to another tenant using the following procedure.


1. Export with the SharePoint list information in tenant A set for the SharePoint action
2. Import the exported file to tenant B
3. The following error occurs and the import is not completed


The flow save failed with the code'DynamicOperationRequestClientFailure' and the dynamic operation request to the message'API'sharepointonline' operation'GetTable' with the status code'Unauthorized'. This may indicate that the input parameter is invalid. Error response: {"error_description": "Exception of type'Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.AudienceUriValidationFailedException' was thrown."}' Failed.


The above error is an error when trying to connect to the SharePoint list in tenant A when importing in tenant B because the file is exported while retaining the information of the SharePoint list in tenant A, and importing. It is an event that fails in itself.

It's a lot of work because the import itself fails.
This is clearly a bug and I feel it needs to be fixed urgently.

Status: New