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About extension of DLP function and countermeasures against information leakage to other tenants

Although I would like to use Microsoft Flow very much, there is a major security risk that can be an information leak, I am worried about using Microsoft Flow.
If there are tenant A and tenant B, if the user of tenant B knows the user account and password of tenant A, it gets the information of tenant A, I think that it will be possible to use it with tenant B.
I think that it would be very good if it would be possible to set information on other tenants not to be available in Flow.
Flow has the function of DLP, but DLP can only control two data groups, it can not control individual connectors and control input / output.
I hope the extension of DLP so that it can be set more details.
Thank you for your consideration.
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I think this is similar to a newer idea with more votes. May need to be combined?


Also, DLP ideas are across multiple products. This may dilute their votes. Any way to combine across products?