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About using HTML tags in "Post a message as the Flow bot to a user" action

I would like to extend the functionality of HTML tags in the "Post a message as the Flow bot to a user" action.

For other "Post a message" actions and "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" actions, HTML tags are available, but for "Post a message as the Flow bot to a user" action, HTML tags don't work.
We want to send messages to individual users with using HTML tag.

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We just started using Flow to provide better service to our clients and being able to send messages via Teams is awesome but the lack of formatting makes it hard to clean up the messages. Doing my best with markdown but adding in more HTML support would be better. 

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Use case: (1) internal IT support tickets are submitted via email to an alias that plugs into an ticketing system (2) they send out standardized emails (3) Flow picks up on those standardized emails (4) using filtering criteria in Flow then we can choose Flow to send messages to specific individuals


HTML tags would allow us to throw the entire body of the email so they never need to leave teams by making those hyperlinks actionable -- without the use of HTML tags this is informational only and we still have an additional touch point where they need to pop back into their Outlook -- we'd like to make Teams more of the one-stop-shop and reducing the amount of external apps folks need to navigate to will greatly assist us in adoption rates.

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The ability for you to send Sharepoint items with anchored URLs to a Teams user would be valuable for helping business teams move from email to MS Teams. Currently, the most reasonable workaround for this use case is to send an email which does not help progress Microsoft's goal of helping companies get to real-time collaboration using teams.

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I am not sure why MS makes formating so difficult.

Some of the existing markdown doesn't really work as they claimed either.  Let alone the mobile format is different from desktop.


All I need is line break...really.  Just one simple linebreak (markdown version of HTML <BR> tag).

A linebreak that works on both web and mobile.


In this situation, text colour seems to be a luxury. 



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It turns out that you can either use 2 line breaks, or end your line with two spaces before the line break.


The documentation for this Action is deplorable; I feel you pain.


It's amazing. I can't believe it even cannot send a <a href=''>####</a> to teams user.😓

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FWIW, the action "Post message in a chat or channel" (when you Post as Flow Bot, and Post in Chat with Flow Bot) provides almost identical functionality to "Post a message as the Flow Bot to a User" except that you can use HTML.  Messages appear in the same feed.