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Access to Flow Status as a connector

It would be a great idea to allow Flow to connect to the Flow status. This would enable people to react to failures and successes as a part of larger flows.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Could you provide us with a status page? Something like ""


So we can see if you have any issues with connecting to other services or have issues with the flow environment.


I'm asking for it, because it's the second time where my flow has "http-timeouts" all over the place. I didn't change anything at it.

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Nice idea,

I want the status page of Microsoft Flow for response.

and also API page using JSON.



- Notify members when Microsoft Flow is broken.


Ref: facebook status page. and API page.

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One of the big problems with have with SP Designer is we don't know if a flow broke until it's a problem. We are moving to Flow and this feature would be GREAT!!! It would make our support process way easier.

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We definitely need this to happen.  I want to be able to make my flows on failure to notify me immediately so I can check into them.

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Microsoft: What is the ETA status on this?  The original request for this was back in 2016 - I'm not sure how long this has been "UNDER REVIEW", but as an admin and Flow creator, we really need to be able to see Flow failures in real time.  I had to find out about a Flow failure a week after it happened because of the weekly digest-type emails, but it's a bit embarrasing to have to circle back to users that their request has to be resumbitted a week later because of a Flow failure.


Additionally, I keep getting the same notification in the weekly digest of that same failure that happened now over three weeks ago.  The email from Microsoft Flow stating that "1 of your flows have failed" and then I go into the flow runs thinking that another new flow failed, but it's the same one I already addressed dated 8/13 which is now THREE weeks ago.


Please advise of an ETA for this request.

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Advocate V

Need this feature. I have multiple flows over multiple tenants and some of the accounts doesnt have exchange online licensing so I cant use the default Flow-mailing (1 of your flows have failed). 

So there is no way to achieve this that i get an notification now if a flow failed. 

I need a trigger 'When a flow failed'

@StephenWhat is the status of this idea? 

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This is becoming essential for us.


As a MSP, we use Power Automate to manage forms from different M365 domains. Since there is over 20+ domains to track, it just ain't efficient for us to ask someone to manually look up the flows status, say, weekly.

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This feature is a must have, we cant go over and check the error reason every time manually.

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Nice Idea. It will be really helpful.