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Access to Flow Status as a connector

It would be a great idea to allow Flow to connect to the Flow status. This would enable people to react to failures and successes as a part of larger flows.

Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On

Microsoft: What is the ETA status on this?  The original request for this was back in 2016 - I'm not sure how long this has been "UNDER REVIEW", but as an admin and Flow creator, we really need to be able to see Flow failures in real time.  I had to find out about a Flow failure a week after it happened because of the weekly digest-type emails, but it's a bit embarrasing to have to circle back to users that their request has to be resumbitted a week later because of a Flow failure.


Additionally, I keep getting the same notification in the weekly digest of that same failure that happened now over three weeks ago.  The email from Microsoft Flow stating that "1 of your flows have failed" and then I go into the flow runs thinking that another new flow failed, but it's the same one I already addressed dated 8/13 which is now THREE weeks ago.


Please advise of an ETA for this request.