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Action: Assign Office 365 license

On trigger, assign office 365 license to users.  Would pair perfectly with a "new Azure AD user added" trigger.

Status: New
Level 8

We should have the ability to onboard people via a SP list or PowerApp and have a workflow capable to creat a new user in Azure AD, and assign O365 licenses to the new user....  it's surprising such an obvious connectivity is not alreayd offered.

Level: Powered On

You can do this already! First assign O365 licenses to groups. Then just assign users to the associated group 😉

Level: Power Up

Hi @brutelxr8, how does that exactly work? I can't seem to find a way to assign an O365 license to a group? Neither an O365 group nor a security group support this... Thanks, Martin

Level: Power Up

Hi @brutelxr8, thanks for your feedback. I think the first link got broken but I think I managed to find the right one:


I tried the steps from your second link but for me when I try to assign the license to a group, the blade "assign license" just says "users" instead of "users and groups". And I think I found the missing piece of information in the first link:



Group-based licensing is a public preview feature of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and is available with any paid Azure AD license plan. [...]