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Action: Assign Office 365 license

On trigger, assign office 365 license to users.  Would pair perfectly with a "new Azure AD user added" trigger.

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We should have the ability to onboard people via a SP list or PowerApp and have a workflow capable to creat a new user in Azure AD, and assign O365 licenses to the new user....  it's surprising such an obvious connectivity is not alreayd offered.

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You can do this already! First assign O365 licenses to groups. Then just assign users to the associated group 😉

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Hi @brutelxr8, how does that exactly work? I can't seem to find a way to assign an O365 license to a group? Neither an O365 group nor a security group support this... Thanks, Martin

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Hi @brutelxr8, thanks for your feedback. I think the first link got broken but I think I managed to find the right one:


I tried the steps from your second link but for me when I try to assign the license to a group, the blade "assign license" just says "users" instead of "users and groups". And I think I found the missing piece of information in the first link:



Group-based licensing is a public preview feature of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and is available with any paid Azure AD license plan. [...]

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Unfortunately, Microsoft states (via link provided avobe):


A paid or trial subscription for Azure AD Basic or a paid or trial Office 365 Enterprise E3, Office 365 A3 and above editions is required in the tenant to use group-based license management.


So this is not an option for everyone. I would love to see a flow action like 'Assign license' in the Azure AD connector, that would solve the problem.

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@Ralph2when I wrote my reply above I had an Office 365 Enterprise E3 but the assignment to groups was not possible. When we added an Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 (which inlcudes Azure Active Directory Premium P1) it was available. So this may have changed now according to what you wrote and Office 365 Enterprise E3 may have the group license available - just wanted to let you know.

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This is definitely not available right now. I had a talk with Microsoft and the option by adding license via groups will require a pool of license (costs) which are not used.

The only way of getting the „add/remove license flow“ is to vote for this idea. Please do vote for it as it’s a main functionality missing in user creation / deletion automatization process!!!


many thanks!