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Action/Connector to assemble Template+Data into Message JSON for AdaptiveCards

I was looking at posting an Adaptive Card to a Teams Channel and I noticed that the Adaptive Cards Designer FIRMLY wants you to be using Templates and JSON Data. 

I eventually found an example from Power Automate that showed how to use these without the Data JSON.

This made me think that a Connector/Converter/Action (Not just for the Teams Connector, but "Adaptive Cards" in general) to take $TemplateJSON and $DataJSON and smash/render them together into a single $MessageJSON to send to a connector like the Teams Connector, O365 Outlook Connector, Approvals, Graph Directly, Bots, and more as they come to support them. 

Example, with some of the mappings marked with matching colors


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It wouldn't take the image in the previous item, for some reason