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Action: Create Event - Teams Meeting

We need a connector/action that allows us to create an event which ALSO generates the "Join Teams Meeting" link and information contained in the body (especially when the user has Audio Conferencing, as that generates a unique conference ID).

Status: New
New Member

Absolutely - and also an action that adds a Teams online meeting link to an existing Calendar event.

Thanks !

New Member

Agreed. This is probably one of the most useful actions that could be added, especially for customers that use third party scheduling apps.

Regular Visitor

This is very much needed.

Regular Visitor

This is very important and neccesary, I hope they can implement it very soom

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This needs to be done - crazy it's not there already! How are we supposed to migrate people away from Outlook if everything points there?

Post Prodigy

It's very important for being able to create a Microsoft Teams Meeting. It will resolve many businesses' needs issues.

I hope this feature be planned in a short matter of time.


New Member

great idea … get cracking MS


feature is available via graph API but definitely would be great addition.

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Very important thing!

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Ask is 7 month old and nothing happened.

Too late as far as we are concerned, we are switching over to Google gSuite, much easier.