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Action: Create Event - Teams Meeting

We need a connector/action that allows us to create an event which ALSO generates the "Join Teams Meeting" link and information contained in the body (especially when the user has Audio Conferencing, as that generates a unique conference ID).

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Hi @navinpokh Can you explain how to use Graph API in order to create new meetings in Teams please?

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Any news on this?


this is something we really need

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No. I have been researching other solutions but none of them work for me:

  1. If you have a Premium license you can use the connector 'HTTP with Azure AD'. There is a video that explains how to make it work: 
  2. If you have an Azure subscription you can create a flow in Logic Apps and use the connector 'HTTP with Azure AD' because it doesn't require the Premium license.

If Microsoft could create an action for scheduling a meeting in the Teams connector it would really help.

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Thank you!

I tried the first options and works great for me, and if I put the flow behind a form

however if I use PowerApps, the user needs to have the premium connection...


So I was looking at your second option, but I don't understand what you mean with "'HTTP with Azure AD' because it doesn't require the Premium license." 

would you be able to elaborate on the second options or share an example?


thank you!!

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I was able to build a Power Automate flow to Create an Event in Outlook first, followed by "create a teams meeting" for which the meeting info does drop the meeting links and information for 1) Computer or Mobile App"  2) Video Conferencing Device with an email and Conference ID, and 3) Call In (audio only)  into the Outlook event.  


Now I am seeking to access that unique meeting information and use "dynamic content" or find some other way to incorporate that specific meeting information into Power Automate and send an email w/ it. 


 Does anyone know where the Teams meeting information is stored (?? Graph API) and how to recall/incorporate into the "send an email" function of Power Automate?