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Action: Export to PDF on Power BI connector

I want to create a report PDF file of Power BI by using Microsoft Flow.


Now, Power BI Desktop Aug 2018 version can export to PDF.

Now, Power BI Services can not yet export to PDF.


Therefore, I hope to export to PDF on Power BI Service,

and also I hope to export to PDF on Power BI connector of Microsoft Flow.



- Each monday, Send a report with report file as PDF,



Status: New
Memorable Member

Thank you for vote and share this idea. 😁

Please comment about what do you think?
Please comment about your scenario.


Yoshihiro Kawabata

New Member

This would be extremely useful to be able to use PDF attachment as an option in Flow-generated email.

Also, for Power BI this could mean that it would solve a scheduling delivery.


Alert Triggered - PDF is sent with information.

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Hi @kerch20071


Yes, PDF & attachment to email, extreamely useful

Advocate I

Before the creation of PDF the dataset needs to be refreshed aswell, therefor this action will only be usefull when an action from flow is able to update the dataset...


So please implement both 😄

New Member