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Action Needed to Execute a Windows Batch File (.bat) on PC

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We are also having lots of desktop applications. If Flow provides this feature, it will be easy for us to integrate those tools into Flow.

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Same.  I searched around and was surprised to find that this is not a feature people are asking for.  what about any type of script - WSF, or Powershell?  

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Yes, Its better to have a feature to invoke any kind of batch, command line or script located in end user machine.

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Is there a command for executing a * .bat file. example a mail from (?) with attachment .xls save it as and then have a * .bat file edit the data.

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Hello guys,

i found a way how to run it through microsoft flows. 

1. You need to download the programm TRIGGERcmd (the program is free)

2. Create an account, register your computer and create a task where you put in the path of the batch file 

3. Then you have to create a flow and choose TRIGGERcmd as an action 

4. Fill in the necessary cells and there you go

It runs without problems on my computer

PS: The on-premises data gateway is very good but you can´t open files through that so you have to programm your self a trigger or switch to a alternative program like TRIGGERcmd and please be gentle i´m from germany and i know that i´m making some grammar mistakes etc. 😂