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Action: Set Slack Status

Need an Action for Set Slack Status. With Zapier, I was able to create a very useful app that updates my Slack Status based on O365 calendar events where I'm out of office. The only drawback is it requires a Zapier Premium plan.

Please add this Action. Thanks!


UPDATE 6/19/2019

This functionality is now available through an official Slack App: Outlook Calendar App | Slack

We've been using it where I work, and it works great!

Status: New
New Member

I tried doing a work around for this by using slash commands to slackbot however it does not work! This would be great.

Not applicable

would love to be able to set a flow where my slack status is updated automatically based off of upcoming and ending meetings

New Member

Also would like this.

New Member

I can't believe this isn't a thing yet!  Setting status based on meetings would actually make Slack's status/presence useful.