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Action for Delete Tasks in Todoist

As part of a process I am building for GTD (Getting Things Done) each day, a stream of tasks are sent to Todoist. These tasks are the list of items for the day and this list is created and organized each day and is dependent on multiple factors. If some items from the previous day were not done, the process would not want these tasks lingering in Todoist, they need to be cleared down prior to a new stream of tasks being sent. Currently, I am going to Todoist to Manually delete these tasks which is not ideal in the world of automation.


I need a way to clear down (delete) all tasks in a given project as an action in MS flow. This will enable full automation of a GTD task.


Please, can this be provided? If there is a way of me doing this myself then please can you help upskill me to build the thing 

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I'm trying to replicate my outlook events in a Todist project and would like to delete the existing tasks in the project at the start of the process to avoid creating lots of duplicates when the script is run several times