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Action for Flow to Delete a Forms Entry

Hello.  This is a feature suggestion. Thank you for any consideration.


Context: I have a form where every submission triggers an approval.  Based on the condition of approval or rejection, there are additional flows.  It would be very convenient if there was an action available to remove a Forms entry when the approval condition "Reject" is met.

Status: New
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+1 to @stulwilliams's request. I am looking for a quality review approval/rejection of a Forms entry, and having more actions available like removing the form, appending the form, or sending the form link and "try again" message back to the submitter would meet my requirements.

Responsive Resident

I agree. I have a Flow that is triggered on a form creation. It then adds an item to a sharepoint list, which kicks off a SPD worflow to validate they entered the right data. If they didn't the list item is deleted and they are send an email letting them know they entered data in the wrong field. The form reponse however never goes away. So if there could be an action that "deletes form response by Response ID", it would be perfect! 

Advocate III

Having an action to delete a given form entry after it has been processed by my Flow would be great. I've got a form that people use in my organization that users have to resbumit fairly frequently and the fact that it holds on to previous responses is a feature I can certainly understand, but one having the ability to decide for myself in my flow whether I want a given response to stay would be really helpful.