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Action for SharePont online. "Create Pages"

Would love to have “Create Pages” action since modern UI HOME page highlights lots of “Pages” such as “News” web-parts. I would like to obtain, let’s say, RSS feed from external source and create summery pages by Flow and show them on SharePoint “News” pages.


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Would love an action to create a page, or triggers that can fire when a page is created (mining the page for content and assets to be flowed over to a new process.  For instance, a user creates a modern news item (a page) via the UI and when that page is created, the title, the body, and mayb the first image used is flowed into a formatted email (or a Yammer post, or a secondary "classic" SharePoint list for proper content management). 

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It would be invaluable for me to be able to setup a page template that, after approvals could then be automatically created as part of a Flow to assist people through their project creation.


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I would love to have this action as well.  I have an RSS feed for an external site that I can capture with Flow.   It would be great if I could create news stories and use the news widget in the modern UI.

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Ideally I would like a Sharepoint Site Page created whenever a new item is created from a list. The best we can do currently is create a file.

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You can create pages using PnP templates from Microsoft Flow. There is an action called Provision PnP template to SharePoint in Plumsail SP connector, which is a part of Plumsail Actions product.


You can find example of creating Modern SharePoint page in this article, but you can use PnP templates to create other SharePoint artifacts as well.


Note, Plumsail Actions is a paid product.



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Came here via trying to add an RSS feed to a SharePoint Communication site (not Team site) and realised its not possible, thought to myself, i should be able to post the RSS content to news pages via flow then, and this is not possible either (for a standard user without dev capabilities)!! 😞

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There aren't very many reasons why SharePoint sucks, but this is one of them, lol


Why would anyone NOT want to leverage existing news feeds, even those using an archaic technology like RSS, on a Communication Site?


There's a decent RSS Connector for Power Automate, but good luck doing anything more with its output than plopping it into a SharePoint List. This works, but then you have to do json View formatting if you want it to look anything like a news listing.


Ideal would be a SharePoint action to create a News Link by simply providing a URL, just like you can in the browser (which also scans the target page and fills out all of the other fields automatically, even a banner/thumbnail image if the post includes one).