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Action to Capture Version of Document Set

I am using Document Sets to hold all files connected to a work job, and would like to capture a version any time the properties of the Document Set are updated. As far as I can gather, at this time this needs to be done manually, using Capture Version on the context menu for the Document Set. As I am creating and updating the properties of these using PowerAutomate, it would be great to use the Version History features via the same route.

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Have you found any solution so far? I´m having trouble myself capturing the version of a document set automatically.

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I need this too, I'm replicating our 2010 workflows which used to do this.


If this action is there in SharePoint 2010 Workflow --> there should be an HTTP request right??

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@Django wrote:

If this action is there in SharePoint 2010 Workflow --> there should be an HTTP request right??

@Django You would think that, but it doesn't seem that is the case here.

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@lourenco_silvaI'm afraid I didn't. I have since changed my approach to the general solution, so I'm not using Document Sets anymore.


I'd still be curious to hear if there is a solution though.

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Can't check if a column has been changed with the new Get Changes for an Item..." action because document sets doesn't auto save versions.  Need to have the option to save the version when properties of a document set change.


I want to clarify:  you can manually save a version, but that saves a snapshot of all the documents at that moment within the folder along with the properties.  That's not what we need.  We need auto versioning of just when the properties on the folder change.

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Hi @krp28 @Manc_Gurl @Django @JonMa ,

Just had the same requirement for Safety Procedure documents sets, and it turns out the Microsoft Graph Beta (as of 5 May 2022) has a way to do this

Haven't tried it yet, but looks like it will be able to be done with Power Automate and an HTTP request. In my case when the status of the document set changes.