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Action to Refresh Excel Tables Connections

It would be great if there is a possibility to add the "Refresh Data Table" action for "Excel Online (Business)" component. This should be the same result as clicking on "Data -> Refresh All Connections" in Excel Online.

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I'm trying to email a small section of content to a vendor each day. I have the dataset residing in Power BI, and I created a filtered table of the vendor's data in Excel (saved to a Sharepoint site, same workspace as the Power BI dataset) to pull from that dataset. My Power BI dataset refreshes a few times around noon, and I'd like to send out an email at 3pm to my vendor with updated data, in an attachment. I've figured out everything except how to update the Excel Online worksheet after the dataset refresh. Having this action is critical, please consider.

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RIP @Anonymous 's Vendor.  Been close to two years now and Microsoft is like, 'nah fam'


I've got the same use case : an Excel file connected to a SSAS cube that needs to be manually refreshed

My PowerBI report is connected to a table in my Excel file (in import mode)

I'd like to find a way to automatically refresh the data of my Excel file via the Power platform tools


The alternative would be to connect the PowerBI directly to the SSAS cube but I can't due to authorization issues (I can only access the Excel file to get to the cube)

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+1 to revive the topic. There is another link where y guys can vote. Let's spam Microsoft (not that they care much as we will use their products anyhow 😛 )



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+1 to this topic because MS needs to understand that many businesses create elaborate EXCEL apps that generate complex data sets for ingest. Without an automated way of refreshing the data it is a 100% MANUAL daily task of opening each Excel document just to refresh data. You can use fancy tricks with PowerShell and VMs to get around this (to a degree), but the fact remains that Excel is a powerful too in the MS Power stack for data modeling that needs to have a way of automating its data refreshing. So in my perspective this is a no-brainer feature that needs to be prioritized at the earliest opportunity. Thanks!