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Action to cancel Flow

Action to cancel current flow outlines the need.  Flow Creators should have the ability to cancel executing flows by ID without needing to stand up approval email functionality if approval isn't part of the requirement.  Here's my use case:


A power app has a toggleable button named either "Focus" or "Break"

On click If Focus

  • Focus record is created
  • notifications are sent out at 52 minutes and 90 minutes to take a break
  • If there is an outstanding break record, complete it

On click If Break

  • Break Record is created
  • Notification sent out at 17 minutes to end the break
  • If there is an outstanding focus record complete it

without this functionality you can't stop the flow prior to notifications even if the break or focus period is over..  I can share the solution as well if you want to see it in action


While this app is just an example I use personally and for presales demonstration I'd imagine there's lots of other use cases to cancel an executing flow using a stored flowID

Status: New