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Action to cancel approval

There are many scenarios where it would be helpful to cancel an approval via a Flow action.  For example, in a parallel approval scenario where you want a specified number or %  of approvers to approve, it would be great to be able to cancel the outstanding approvals.


While I understand that an approver can cancel an approval in some circumstances, I would like the ability to cancel an approval from within a Flow.



Status: New
Level: Powered On

Our users request time off through a Power App which triggers a flow to start the approval process for them. Presently they can not cancel a PTO request until the approval process is complete. I would like to be able to give them the option of cancelling a request that is still pending approval. My 2 choices are 1) send them to Power Automate to cancel the approval process so that the approver knows when the request has already been cancelled. 2) Change the approval status in the record to "cancelled" and let the approver go through the motions of approving the request even though it has already been cancelled.


Neither choice works well. Sending users to Power Automate is not an option. Most are not familiar with it at all, and the Power App was made to simplify the process. The 2nd option is simple, but could cause confusion. The sequence of events would not be correct. 


Solution: an flow action that cancels an approval. Thanks!