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Actions for Contacts in Shared Mailboxes

I would like to have seperate actions for contact-management in shared mailboxes.

For me, it would be very helpful, to create, read, update and delete contacts in contacts (sub-) folder in a shared mailbox.


For example, we have a list in SharePoint, where contacts are stored. I would like to create a flow, if an element is created or updated in this list, then check the contacts (sub-) folder of a shared mailbox, if this contact already exist. if non, create a new contact in this folder, if yes update the data of this contact.




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Is there a step forward? Is the development of Power automate planning any news in the field of connectors for shared mailboxes?


original post from which the idea is based. (


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almost 4 years passed. How is it going with the development of this feature? Would be very appreciated...


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Agreed, organisations that aren't big enough for the Dynamics CRM type products really aren't getting the support they need with Power Automate features. VBA was so much more powerful than Power Automate in so many ways, the move to the cloud has really been a step backwards for customers. 

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I suspect Microsoft will never provide this feature as it would cut into their potential revenue from Dynamics etc.