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Actions to update and delete Outlook/To-Do tasks

I'm trying to convert from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do and realizing that I am unable to port any of my existing flows for Wunderlist because the Outlook Tasks connector is missing critical functionality.


Please add actions for updating and deleting tasks. There is a separate item already for fixing the task completion trigger (which is unfortunately useless in its current state).

Status: New
New Member

I've just gone to build a flow to trigger when new outlook tasks are added and then set the category, priority and due date and there is no option to update the task. 


Can't use it without this. 

New Member

I'd like to update a task with a Start Date if it is missing. But updating a task is not possible as it seems.

Advocate I

As of today the only workaround I found was to mark as complete the task and recreate the new one with the new parameters.