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Add Branching Logic to Flow

Branching logic would allow multiple workflow processes to run simultaneously. Based on the current functionality it would be very difficult to use Flow for any complex approval scenarios. Right now it's limited to a very linear path with conditions. I would love to have options like: For Each, Conditional Branch, Filter, Loop.

Status: Completed

We now support a number of different options for branching. Today we also added Switch case which makes it easy to have several parallel branches: 

Level: Powered On

Does this work? I set it up and still get just the Approve and Reject options in the email.. The Needs More Information option is not there. Is there anything special that I need to do in the actual flow for the 3rd option to show in the email..



Dean Virag

Level: Powered On

Joining branches seems only to be possible when all branches finish their tasks. Are there plans to make it possible to skip other branches if a singel one of them has a result? 

I'm thinking of an parallel approval workflow where only one of the paths needs to have a result before continuing. And there seems to be no workaround for this.