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Add Calendar to Flow and PowerApps for Reservations or workflows

It would be nice if you could connect flow to your SharePoint calendar or create an app that worked with the SharePoint calendar. It would also be very helpful if you could create reservations like you could in the old SharePoint calendar which would allow users to make a reservation system for conference rooms, labs, or other resources that are shared within a company. Currently I use a workaround but I think it should be available again natively in sharepoint.


Instances where this would be helpful: 

Schools or companies that share facilities, computer labs, or equipment that would like to have internal reservations that cannot be double booked.


Creating an app that allows employees to reserve something on the calendar and then uses flow to notify personnel who do not have to attend the meeting but do have to set up chairs or other equipment. 

Status: New
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I've been looking for a similar solution. Which workaround do you use for the time being?

Advocate II

Sorry for the delay.. right now we use this fix. However, I have heard that it may not be possible to do now. 


I have created a form that was supposed to work with the new flow functions to create a calendar event on approval but since you cannot add a date/time picker only a date picker to the MS Form the dynamic form options does not properly fill out the calendar event. I tried adding a written time spot to my form, but once again it does not imput into the calendar properly to create the event.