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Add Column to Run History Views for Custom Name/Key

It would be very helpful to be able to define a field or fields from the trigger action to be visible as a column or a part of the flow Run History tables. This would make finding a specific execution of a flow much simpler to find, especially for flows that may run frequently. An example would be the name of a Sharepoint list item that was created or the name of an opportunity that was created.

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This is an absolutely essential feature. When you have so many runs in history, it is impossible to find the relevant one in case of troubleshooting or audit. Typically, it will be great if the SharePoint list link and ID is displayed as columns. SharePoint link or list name is important if you are reusing a Flo for multiple lists.

For example, I have a Flow that triggers when a file is created or modified (properties only). The actions need to be taken only when a certain column is modified (Closed is modified to "Yes").  I have a condition to check if the Closed column is changed to Yes then run actions, else terminate. What happens is that for several other modifications, this flow triggers. I am only interested to monitor the Flow for ID (Item No.) where Flow has run because Closed was modified to Yes. Across items there are several runs, typically 3 - 4 per item. Even if I can filter on a particular item no. or ID, it becomes easier to locate that Flow.

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For the love of God please add this feature.