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Add Custom Fields to the Approval Form

Hi team,


So here is the thing: when we approve something more frequently than we thought we need more information being handled by the approver that outlines the approval context.


Some examples

  • When you require an approval that require to assign a resource
  • When you need to restrict the approval to a condition or parameter
  • To avoid re-start an approval process because the object of approval is immutable 

So, i.e. if I could modify and retrive more information (other than the comments and Approve/Reject flag) such Persons, Numbers, Option Selection, etc. I could ask for approval and yet other information valuable to the process.


Is it possible for you guys add support to modify / custom fields to the approval form?


Thanks, Ed.


Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

New Member

Any update on this? a basic workflow requirement is to ask for reviewer input by means of custom fields not just response. another business need is to route the request back to the submitter for amendments.

Advocate III

@mhamdan In all honesty I get the sense they want to drive people toward PowerApps for this kinda thing.

New Member

@Sparrowhawk the thing is I don't want to end up sending 2 links to the approvers, one to add their input and another for approval.

Advocate III

@mhamdan Oh I'm with you. I'm not saying it's good that you'd have to resort to powerapps or custom forms for this, just that it seems to be what they are hoping people will do.

Frequent Visitor

This would expand the usability of the approval task so much and help us during these home office plagued times.


Simple example: I created an invoice approval flow.

Today the approver can just approve or reject the invoice. Maybe leave a comment, but that is unstructured data

In the future I would like to add one or two fields (mandatory or optional) to also make the approver specify the costcenter this invoice should be booked to or give the name of another approver. I simply would like the same option like the "onedrive for selected file trigger". There you can also a couple of fields with name and type like Text, Boolean, Option, Person, Date. Later these are available in the flow. Perfect.



Christian Witschel

Not applicable

PowerApps is too complex for daily business users, IMO. It's fine for developers, but it's one more thing for people to learn and support. I'd rather have more control inside of SharePoint list forms. Something close to Wufoo would be ideal.

Frequent Visitor

This idea is not about power apps but power automate, formerly known as flow. The approval task is business user friendly and a great help and can be used for simple scenarios easily also by business users (with a head start and some guidance from IT).

I am seeing a great run to use flow driven by home office and Covid distancing.  

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A very useful and much needed feature,

Helper III

Can we customize team approvals form now? We want to add a date field to specify date and one drop-down field to select it's a leave or extra working day.



Bansari Pandya.

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Having this feature would be much easier than having to create a Power App or DIY Adaptive Card (that doesn't have the benefits of approval conditions for first to respond) just for the purpose of collecting a field other than comments. 


Any updates? It's been over 3 years since the original request was made and about the same amount that it's been marked as "Under Review".