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Add Custom Fields to the Approval Form

Hi team,


So here is the thing: when we approve something more frequently than we thought we need more information being handled by the approver that outlines the approval context.


Some examples

  • When you require an approval that require to assign a resource
  • When you need to restrict the approval to a condition or parameter
  • To avoid re-start an approval process because the object of approval is immutable 

So, i.e. if I could modify and retrive more information (other than the comments and Approve/Reject flag) such Persons, Numbers, Option Selection, etc. I could ask for approval and yet other information valuable to the process.


Is it possible for you guys add support to modify / custom fields to the approval form?


Thanks, Ed.


Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

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This feature would be really useful.

Level: Powered On

ABSOLUTELY need the option to CHANGE TEXT on Approve and Reject buttons.

      We may want to have a 'please revise and re-submit button' or Satisfied / Dissatisfied buttons.


ABSOLUTELY need the option to alter the NUMBER of buttons on approvals.

      We may want to have 3 or 4 buttons for approvers to select from.  There could be 4 options with switch case programming for each condition.

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I agree.  If we needed a secondary approval if over a certain $$ amount then allow for the approver to send it to another person for another approval.

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I need to gather additional setup details as part of the Approval process, which are then reported back to the Requester.  The ability to add custom fields to the Approval E-mail is absolutely needed.