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Add Delete and/or Replace Email Attachment in Flow as an Office 365 Outlook action

Add an option for deleting and/or replacing an email attachment with either a link in the email body to the attachment saved by the Flow in SPO or ODfB, or replace the attachment with a disclaimer in the email body, as to why it was removed. Otherwise, replace the attached file with an attachment with this information inside the attachment itself, to provide users an explanation as to why it was removed.

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I second this idea – adding an action such as this would greatly help close the loop on the "Save O365 email attachments to OneDrive" template already available. Automating this process would help with the reoccuring requests by our end users wanting a more efficient way of freeing up space in the Inbox. 


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My workplace also has an urgent use for this case.  Also to add a link to the attachment saved into SPO.



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I would love to have it do the following:


  1. Detect and save attachments to OneDrive for Business
  2. Once save is confirmed, remove attachment from messages
  3. Inject shortened URL to newly saved file in the body of original message where attachment saved from


This would reduce our wasted space in that Outlook data requirements go drastically down and attachments leverage OneDrive storage only once (some people save attachments there while keeping attachment in Outlook; total waste of space).






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This would be a great addition for managing mail box size... 


We would like to be able to save the attachment to sharepoint -> delete the attachment -> edit the message with a link to the sharepoint documents



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Yes this is a great addition. Highly recommend adding this feature

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Fantastic idea to control personal mailbox size. Moreover, it is definetly more efficient to search for documents and related content within OneDrive than Outlook. Really hope this option will be available !

Guys, I did an article on Linkedin with a link and a recommendation to vote here. Please Share !



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It has been 2 years... anything from ms?

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I second that. With an option to place a link to the saved attachment ideally !

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Any update on this request?