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Add Display Name for emails

Currently the following properties of an email can be accessed:

   From, To, Subject, Body, and about 30 other properties.


The one property missing is the Display Name.  In other words, the displayed text of an email sender's name, not the email address itself.


For example:

Display Name: Microsoft Rewards

email address:


The specific problem I'm trying to solve is to delete spam emails that have been sent to my junk folder.


My existing Flow looks at the From property, but that property is useless because it is just the spam emailer's address (typically a random stream of characters making up the email address, different every time). What I want to search on is the displayed name (we probably all get the same set of Insurance, Home Warranty, CBD spam emails). I can easily set up search terms to identify and delete these emails, if I could just access the Display Name.


Note that the Subject and Body properties are currently available, but it's far harder to definitively identify spam by searching in the Subject or Body. Too many false positives.


Please oh please add Display Name!


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New Member

This is a great idea and it's essential functionality for connector and the Office 365 connector.

Because of this limitation it's not possible to create an Outlook contact when you receive an email because the 'create contact' action requires the 'given name' but the ReceiveMessageMetadata does not provide it.


The Microsoft Office Outlook connector on Zapier does provide both the name and email address for each recipient. This suggests that it should be possible - just at the moment it's not available on Microsoft's own automation platform.



New Member

Yes please, Microsoft make DisplayName property available to Flows, I've been looking everywhere for a way to extract the name of the sender and NOT the email and it's impossible. Make this a thing, it's essential.

Community Champion

There exists a workaround - you can forward email to yourself and then the display name of the sender will appear in the body of email.

Regular Visitor

This is a big issue which Microsoft not taking seriously. Email from most of the time going to Junk folders and we are getting lots of complain from users.

New Member

Has this wonderful suggestion been implemented? I too wish to block junk using Outlook display name!