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Add ExecuteQuery (SOQL) Action to the Salesforce Connector

Would dearly love an action in Salesforce connector to execute SOQL so that complex relationships and filters can be handled. The query should be able to be paramaterised.


For example, if I wanted to send an email to a user if a line item matches a certain product, and I wanted to identify account name, owner of the opportunity, product details, channel partners invovled and current team members this currently means having multiple "Get Record" or "Get Records" calls to resolve each related obect.


Worse still, if you need to re-use this in another flow, you have to build it again each time, meaning that at least one of them is going to be wrong if you make a change (ie have to add another field). I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but to have a library of actions that can be re-used would 




Status: New