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Add NetSuite as a Flow connector

Add NetSuite as a Flow connector to integrate with NetSuite

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That would be awesome!

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Yes please, very needed!

Helper I

Wouldn't this be lovely!? 


Hello Microsoft, any plans in the pipeworks?

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Please make this happen soon.
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This would be very helpful to our organisation.

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Hi @srodriguezch 


The company I work for called Commercient has an app that can integrate Microsoft Flow with NetSuite, if you are still in the market for a solution check it out on Microsoft AppSource


Thank you

Advocate II

Any luck on this getting legs?  Netsuite's API's are awful, so this would be very helpful.

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After waiting for too long for a native connector I ended up making a custom connector, and I described the process here, in case it's useful to anybody:


The process would be much easier using Oauth 2.0, which is natively supported by Power Automate, but for some reason Power Automate doesn't seem to be able to refresh NetSuite tokens and requires manual authentication every 60 minutes. So in my post I use Oauth 1.0 instead, which has no issues. 

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Thanks for the link.  I took the concept and move more of the code into powershell to simplify the Flow pieces and make it a little more re-usable.  With out your article, I wouldn't have figured it out, thanks!