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Add New Project in Harvest

Flow is setup to add clients, contacts, and users to Harvest. It's missing the main entity in the Harvest database which is the *project*. I've purchased Zapier to integrate Salesforce and Harvest to automate the creation of projects in Harvest. I'd much rather run this job in Flow.

Status: New
New Member

This would be really useful!

New Member

Really, the Harvest connector is quite useless if you cannot create a project, because that requires manual intervention on all new projects.

New Member

The missing "add project" makes the Harvest Flow completely useless, as this is the main feature of Harvest.

Regular Visitor

Agreed - the only purpose for the Harvest Flow for us would be to create projects. 

New Member

Exactly. The ability to create Projects as well as possibly assign users to a project is well needed.

Zapier has much more relevant actions (and triggers).

Flow has a better integration to Salesforce, being able to trigger on a record being modified.

Really need the best of both worlds for a full integration between Harvest and Salesforce (and possibly many other things).


Regular Visitor

This feature is really needed for Harvest to work correctly. Please can it be reviewed asap?