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Add Notes to Flow Runs

Sure would be nice to notate what changed between tests in Flow!


- Why go dig for what changed between these runs...


...when I could see a short note between "(3 min ago)" and "00:00:00" that reads "Added quotes to header", etc.


This would make iterating, testing and enhancing Flows a bit cleaner with a kind of change history.

Notes would popup when clicking "Test".

Thank you

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As it stands now, PA workflow history gives you no info on what the workflow is doing, what record it is working on.  Even adding a unique flow ID that is displayed in the history and is available within the flow to save out to a log file   
My first Action is all of my flows is a Compose action containing: 
Title: [Title or Name column] ([Item ID])  Ver: [Item Version]

It's still a pain to open each history to find the one I'm looking for.