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Add OpenAPI 3

Please consider adding the ability to use OpenAPI 3 and it features in Flow.

Status: New
Regular Visitor

Yeah, it would be great! Is it planned for some future release?

Regular Visitor

OpenAPI 3 was added to Azure API Management in January so hopefully it will come to custom connectors soon.

Helper I

We need a custom connector to use against an AWS API that only accepts Bearer authentication. However, this is only possible with Open API 3.0. Currently it doesn't work with Open API 2.0 

Advocate III

The development speed of Power Automate  is way too slow... too many lacking features. 😞   

Please hire more people!! 

Helper I

Even though I was able to solve my problem it would be geat to see support for Open API 3.

Regular Visitor

Any updates on this feature?

Regular Visitor

I like to have support for polymorphism thats availible in OpenAPI v3.
And like to see the anyOf and the oneOf.

Regular Visitor

No openapi 3 support...really Microsoft? 


This makes the entire Power Platform completely useless for many, this is not even new tech, I mean seriously? Whoever spent time working on some of the existing connectors whilst overlooking openapi 3 - they should be punted.