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Add Outlook Trigger for "when an email is sent"

I would like to use this to create a task for follow up on unreplied emails.

Ideally the flow would look like:

If I sent an email, and I dont get a reply within x days, create a task for this email or even send another automated email. 

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Hi, just to say than I found a simple solution to trigger from "sent emails" : trigger from "received email" on sending box. It just works as I espected to catch certain of my emails 🙂
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So what is the status? when can we expect to get this trigger???? 


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OF COURSE this would be useful!  Just because there are people with different processes that don't need it doesn't mean there's NO need for this.  I came here looking for the same thing so add me to the list.  I'm working on a work around but the preferred method would be to trigger on outbound to eliminate building a list before the fact.  The validation on our side is done at the end of the process.

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@Anonymous Care to elaborate on your solution?


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Understand this is a work-around, not a solution, but I have a flow I use to copy the attachments from sent messages and then move the message implemented as follows:

  1. Trigger "When a new email arrives"
    • Folder "Sent Items"
    • Include Attachments "Yes"
  2. Apply to Each
    • Attachments
      1. Create File  (see note below)
  3. Condition : If Email needs followup based on criteria
    1. Move email - To a folder for follow-up


Regarding Create File  in One Drive - 


I have been using the guidance from this thread to modify the attachments by appending the time the email was recieved to the attachment name  "-yyyyMMddhhmmss" to the filename (i.e. set variable to  formatDateTime(body('Convert_time_zone'),'yyyyMMdd-hhmmss')


This has prevented me from seeing flow errors associated with the situation where the same attachment name is received in a short time frame, or is open, and FLow can not get a 'lock'.  This resolved most of those failures.  Additionally, you could use the instructions in that link to append in the sender name, or email subject, if that was beneficial.



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@schreibman This is actually very brilliant!  I'm embarassed that I didn't think to put a watch on "Sent Items".  This may be all I need!  Thanks a lot!!!

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hello all, this when a new mail comes trigger using "sent items folder "solution doesn't work on me 😕

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One of our clerks has a history of all the shipping documents in her email. She sends them out to the carriers as notices, but with this trigger, we can get them saving onto OneDrive so the rest of the team can access them as needed. 

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@FrankZvovu this doesn't work for me..

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I want to create a Waiting For list in Microsoft To-Do (from the Getting Things Done method). My thought was to add an attribute to an email (e.g. a category) before hitting send. Then have a Power Automate that creates a new To-Do task in a Waiting For task list.