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Add Outlook Trigger for "when an email is sent"

I would like to use this to create a task for follow up on unreplied emails.

Ideally the flow would look like:

If I sent an email, and I dont get a reply within x days, create a task for this email or even send another automated email. 

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@schreibman This is actually very brilliant!  I'm embarassed that I didn't think to put a watch on "Sent Items".  This may be all I need!  Thanks a lot!!!

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hello all, this when a new mail comes trigger using "sent items folder "solution doesn't work on me 😕

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One of our clerks has a history of all the shipping documents in her email. She sends them out to the carriers as notices, but with this trigger, we can get them saving onto OneDrive so the rest of the team can access them as needed.