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Add Outlook Trigger for "when an email is sent"

I would like to use this to create a task for follow up on unreplied emails.

Ideally the flow would look like:

If I sent an email, and I dont get a reply within x days, create a task for this email or even send another automated email. 

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Yes - would like to trigger some flows when I send certain emails.

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It would be great to see sent e-mails flagged or forwarded to a certain e-mail folder, if they were sent to someone or contain a trigger word or reference for following up on them.

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I'd also like to see this trigger.
We'd like to emails sent from an Office 365 Group to be redirected to that address.  (Otherwise the emails only reside in the actual sender's sent items).


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Me too - would like to trigger some flows when I send certain emails.

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Agree. I'd like the ability to use this trigger to map responses (accountability) for team members to perhaps an excel sheet or list for KPI's

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Add Outlook Trigger for "when an email is sent" is also essential for when I send on behalf of my O365 Team, using the O365 Groups email address.  Currently, there is no way do trigger on these (outside of exchange side email flow) that I am aware of. 

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Me too!  I want a trigger for Email Sent.


I track my time spent all day.  It would be helpful to have a list of all the emails I sent out during the day with the  Subject, To, cc, Sent time.  I could then add the duration of time spent drafting the email to make it a time entry.  I could program excel to put in a standard time entry like .3 hours  (18 minutes) and then change it to be longer or shorter depending upon my notes, memory or best guess.


Please add this!



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Please build this trigger. I would like to be able to report the response time of my team.



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Yes please. I want this trigger too... but I need a solution NOW.

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Hi, Me too, I need "Sent Email" trigger to archive/export my certain mail content and attachments. No others solutions ?