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Add Outlook Trigger for "when an email is sent"

I would like to use this to create a task for follow up on unreplied emails.

Ideally the flow would look like:

If I sent an email, and I dont get a reply within x days, create a task for this email or even send another automated email. 

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When an email arrives only action the trigger if its from either from Tom or **bleep** or Harry, not for jane sue or tammy.


A security routine we have should only action if a mail is received from specific users and not anyone.


The from list will currently accept a string of emails, are these being anded?



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NO need.


I found another solution.


I setup an inbox rule to route emails to a folder if received from my selected list or privileged users.


The flow then only triggers from entries to that folder.



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I need to get attachments all together , in my onedrive , not only from received mail , but also from sent mail so i don't have to copy it to onedrive , which is a n extra time of work , if it's created elesewhere...


Thanks ,
Ahmed Shehab.

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We have "When a new email arrives". Now we need "When you send an email".

I'm have an existing Flow that adds a row to an OneDriveForBusiness Excel file.

I'd like to track my responses (my sent emails) to those incoming emails.



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I second this!


Can't you use a condition for this as well?

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Please add a trigger for Sent email to create a flow when an Email is sent.

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One particular flow I'd like to build out of this would to delay sending when emails are sent outside of working hours to people within a distribution list. One of the insights I've gotten from Microsoft Analytics is that I generate extra work from my team when sending emails after hours. I try to use the delay delivery feature, but it isn't currently available in Outlook 365 (and not easy to get to in Outlook). There is an app called Boomerang, but my company blocks it because it requires sharing data with a third party.

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I'd also like to see this trigger.
We'd like to put a copy of signed emails from a specific account into a sharepoint list.

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Me too!