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Add Outlook Trigger for "when an email is sent"

I would like to use this to create a task for follow up on unreplied emails.

Ideally the flow would look like:

If I sent an email, and I dont get a reply within x days, create a task for this email or even send another automated email. 

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When an email arrives only action the trigger if its from either from Tom or **bleep** or Harry, not for jane sue or tammy.


A security routine we have should only action if a mail is received from specific users and not anyone.


The from list will currently accept a string of emails, are these being anded?



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NO need.


I found another solution.


I setup an inbox rule to route emails to a folder if received from my selected list or privileged users.


The flow then only triggers from entries to that folder.



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I need to get attachments all together , in my onedrive , not only from received mail , but also from sent mail so i don't have to copy it to onedrive , which is a n extra time of work , if it's created elesewhere...


Thanks ,
Ahmed Shehab.

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We have "When a new email arrives". Now we need "When you send an email".

I'm have an existing Flow that adds a row to an OneDriveForBusiness Excel file.

I'd like to track my responses (my sent emails) to those incoming emails.



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I second this!