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Add Planner Priority field to create task and update task



It would be great if we could use Power Automate to set the Priority of a task when we use it to create or update a card.

I've got a Form trigger that starts a Flow to create a Planner Task but unfortunately we can't set the priority even though we collect this on the form.

The form helps ensure naming convention is followed and makes it very easy for people outside of the team to create a 'ticket' (task) on our board.





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Hello... I agree it would be very useful to be able to set the task priority from an Automate Flow.




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This and access to update all the task fields would be a reasonable request!

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We need to assign priorities to tasks based on form responses. I don't understand why the ability to assign relatively superfluous colour categories was implemented before the ability to assign task priority.

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Ditto, this would be very helpful when creating Planner tasks from a Form.

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This is a basic, highly necessary feature.

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GetTask_Response_V3 now includes Priority as a field, but at the moment I think the only action that uses it is CreateTask_V4 (as of Dec 11 2020).

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The Priority field can be edited from the "Create a task 2 (Preview)" Step so you just need to swap this one out instead of using "Create a task" step and you will see the priority filed at the bottom of this step.


It's looking for a number to set the priority here the description from MS website:

Priority of the task. Valid range of values is between 0 and 10 (inclusive), with increasing value being lower priority (0 has the highest priority and 10 has the lowest priority). Currently, Planner interprets values 0 and 1 as "urgent", 2 and 3 and 4 as "important", 5, 6, and 7 as "medium", and 8, 9, and 10 as "low". Currently, Planner sets the value 1 for "urgent", 3 for "important", 5 for "medium", and 9 for "low".

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@aqyx looks like GetTask_Response_V3 can get the priority field, but unfortunatey the ListTasks_Response_V2 is using the old GetTask_Response_V2, which does not have priority field.


therefore, when I list the task using GetTask_Response_V2 (the only one available) to get priority details, does not work.


Any idea how to solve it?

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Hi @walteroa ,


Same here, GetTask_Response_V3, somehow is not available on actions lists through Planner connector. Even though it has documentation about it, and none is describing as preview type or something else.

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Thanks for this, it was very helpful! 
When I did this I found that the priority level on the card will be correctly set to what I input, however the card will always be created with the alarm bell urgent icon, even when I set the priority level to low. Have you experienced this at all?