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Add Planner Task URL in choice of information when using flow

We're trying to automate Flow task assignment using Planner.  Yet, I'm amazed that I cannot get a simple "Task URL" like we do for a SharePoint item. How am I supposed to an email to the assignee letting them know about the task. Am I missing something obvious?  I'm starting to understand why people are moving to Trello and other tools.   Flow simply doesn't integrate well enough with Planner to make it an enterprise tool.


Also, the fact that we cannot add a hyperlink in the tasks description field makes planner unusable... 😞

How are we supposed to provide guidance, articles, etc... ??  This huge flaw has been reported in 2016 and nothing happened since then...  See here


Microsoft, please better support your own ecosystem... I want it to succeed.


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Unlike the song, I don't enjoy the sound of silence. 🙂



With so little votes, I guess I'm the only innovative person trying to seemlessly integrate Flow and Planner out there running into those issues...

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I share your pain.

I have the same wish.

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I managed to make a planner task from mails send to the team.
I would like to place the attachemenst in taht planner task to. But that seems to be inpossible in the current versiom

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Yes, please Microsoft update your app to be more useful! I'm still searching for workarounds to solve simple issues. Would love to see...


1. Get Task URL

2. Hyperlink support and markdown for Tasks

3. Attachment uploads from flow (ftp, dropbox, sharepoint, email, etc)


Thank you.

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With out these basic functions users are turining to Trello.


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Sadly, a very small change with Flow/Planner to expose those missing fields would add a ton of value for automation and avoid losing people to Trello or Jira, etc...

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@asdfaf4 To answer one of your questions, it is possible to add links to either the notes section or the links section of a Task. You have to use "Update Task Details"


(Sorry, I don't know how to add a screen capture image.)