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Add Priority field to the list task planner connector

It would be useful to have the possibility to get the Priority field of each task of planner. Based on the documentation that I have read, the List tasks  connector returns  ListTasks_Response_V2  and array of GetTask_Response_V2 , which dont return the priority field.  
On the other hand, if we run "List Tasks" connector, we get an Output as shown in the picture below, where you can find a field called "assigneePriority", that produces nothing or I still dont know how to make it work.


I think adding that field would be very useful and reasonable considering it is important information of the Planner.

Status: New


Before the connector add Priority, you can try Microsoft Graph API Get planner Task beta version to retrieve value of Priority.

You can find the document of this API in the link below.

Microsoft Graph REST API Beta - Get plannerTask

Here is properties of a task this API returns, including Priority.


Since it is still a beta version, it might be changed anytime.

Don't forget to consider this point before using it in your production environment.