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Add Proper Case Function

While available string functions include toLower and toUpper, Power Automate should include toProper. The Proper case functionality is built into other Microsoft systems. This Proper case (or title case) would allow names to be formatted with an initial capitalized letter followed by lowercase letters.

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This would be helpful to address the users in emails. 

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Can't  believe that Power Apps has this functionality but yet, Power Automate doesn't and it is the system that would most likely send an email to person using a first name.  Many times, data sources have names all in CAPS.  Please add this simple expression.

Advocate IV

This functionality exists in Power Apps, why is it so hard to have an expression in Power Automate?  And why is it taking forever to implement any low-hanging-fruit-ideas on this suggestion forums?  Any working on this platform or even maintaining this idea cemetery forum?  


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