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Add Repeating Section and control capabilities to Word Business Connector

As noted in a recent Word (Business) Connector update, the flow integration with word does not allow for repeating content controls (here). This should be added to the connector ASAP as it would ehance the value prop of the flow tool many times over. - MVR

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We want use it for invoice and similar stuff, this should be a first day thing.


We don't wanna use Plumsail, because we want to use as few third party providers as possible.

But I must really say, if microsoft keep so important stuff unanswered, we will maybe look into Plumsail again.

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Advocate I

@mvrlaw @Miguel_T ,


From the microsoft documentation you should be able to add repeating content controls


This is the first time i'm using repeating content controls so i'm not sure if anything is missing. 

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@Sub @Miguel_T 


Thanks for the information, @Sub , will check this out as well and report back in due course. - M

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as docx it does'nt but as doc it does. also when converted to pdf it does (altough in doxc it does'nt show)