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Add SharePoint "Survey" app triggers & actions

We are using the SharePoint survey to capture user inputs, daily, and I need to be able to setup a recurrance to export the data from the survey and then compare it agains a list of expected users so that we can email those who have not completed the survey. 


Please add the connection to the 'surveys' app on sharepoint. 


Thank you 



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I need this function too ,sharepoint survey can set branching logic ,but I do not find this function in office form, so please set sharepoint trigger, tks

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We also need this feature. Please add a trigger feature for SharePoint Survey

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Hello everyone,

did you find a way to it? I would like to do the same thing.





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@antogiamba - I have not 😕 

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@Anonymous Forms does indeed support branching (and is better about moving the form to the end). It has for a couple years. Just look in the settings when in the form.