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Add Shared Calendar support

Status: New
Level: Power Up

All i want to do is display a shared events callendar whcih people can easily access through a microsoft teams tab. Seems even an easy application like that is beyond the realms of possibility at the moment.


Level: Powered On

If we can access a Shared Calendar on our SharePoint sites why can't we access hem though PowerApps? I can build a PowerApp fine to show my Calendar, I should be able to select the Shared Calendars in my lit of availables as well. Please ad this support!

Level 8

Any update on this?

Level: Powered On

We have an O365 calendar that we use for company events.  Would like to be able to read these calendar events with Flow.  Currently, I can only see my Outlook calendars and not the O365 group calendars even though I'm the owner of the O365 groups.

Level: Power Up

I need to make large display daily planning for a wharehouse dept. They use teams and the teams agenda to make planning, would be nice if I could display that data in an powerapp. Supprised this is not possible.


Please add access to shared calendars!



Level: Power Up

Would love team specific shared callendars.

Even a manual one, so each user within the team can see what other users have added.  Make so much easier to book team meetings knowing what other users load is.


Thank you