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Add Shared Calendar support

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Could really really do with this. You can already send an email from a shared mailbox, I just need to be able to send a calendar invite from a shared mailbox.

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On my side, I need send notification on a new event created.


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Could really do with this.

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Inter-departmental scheduling through Sharepoint embedded Powerapps would make my life so much easier.


Everytime I try to do something useful with Powerapps I hit the same "not implemented yet/can't do that" wall. It seems to me that Powerapps was rolled out way to early. Infrastructural support i.e. basic functionality should have been in place from the start.

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My goal with this is to add Attendees through PowerApps. When the user signs up for an event, their calendar is updated, but I can't add the user to the Attendees in a Shared SharePoint Calendar, specifically the Events Calendar. If there is a solution that I’m unaware of please let me know. I’ve tried the button control with Office365.V2CalendarPatchItem("Events",DataCardValue10.Text,TitleText.Text,EventStart.Text,EventEnd.Text,{RequiredAttendees Office365Users.MyProfileV2().mail} which does not display an error when published but when ran gives me this error Office365.V2CalendarPatchItem failed: { "status": 400, "message": "Id is malformed. The user has edit permissions to the Calendar, I’ve also tried a flow and no go.

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Is there a colon missing after "Required Attendees"?

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No, I took it out because it put a smiley face in this post, it is there, I also took a couple of brackets from the end of the Attendees value.I'm trying Flow again, let you know how it goes.

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Why are you using Office365.V2CalendarPatchItem? I assume that you already have a Form which is connected to your Sharepoint Events List. You can use


on the Button Control to "edit" the selected record or add a new one. The form has to be in Edit mode (Default Mode set to FormMode.Edit).


Let me know if this helps.

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Hi Jeremy,


The form is in edit mode, however I needed the button to do more than submit, the code above is just a portion of the entire code behind the button. I'm updating two tables and a few form changes with one click event.





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An added note, the rest of the code works, it's just this portion that is having issues. I think the code is correct but since I'm attemting to update a shared calendar in SharePoint I'm receiving an error, it seems to be a permission thing.