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Add Support for When a Record is Selected trigger (Common Data Service Connector) in Solutions



It would be useful if Flows created with the When a record is selected Common Data Service trigger created outside of a solution, could be available in the environment after adding to a solution file from "My Flows". This is because sometimes we create Flows as a user that appear under "My Flows" and then later on we may decide that they need to be added to a solution for deployment.


Currently we have to Export/Import these Power Automates individually between environments which adds room for Human Error and adds to the time overheads on managing the deployment and build process.





Status: New
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This is very upsetting. In my case I modified a flow triggered by PowerApps. It was a small change that should not have any impact, but after that the flow started to fail sending a mail notification. Only with the help of MS Support I was be able to do a workaround, reconecting the flow to the PowerApps. A 5 minutes change cost me 8h, that's not admissible.