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Add To-Do to My Day

Please add a Flow option for adding To-Do tasks to My Day.  Thank you!!!

Status: New
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That feeling when you come to the Ideas page to add an idea and you find that someone else asked for it 2 years ago. 😞

New Member

This is such an obvious operation that is missing - the whole premise of ToDo is focussed around MyDay.

Things like this just reduces confidence in the overall Power Automate platform.


New Member

i cant install the to do app on my Workstation Laptop, so i thought, i can trigger it with an change of an Task. 

so i was very happy to find the trigger. A task i can also change in outlook and i dont need the app on the Laptop. 

But i was very disappointed, than I realized there is no way to put it on "My day". 


So why you have this cool thing "My day", the most important thing of focusing in selfmanagement, and then you dont offer it in Outlook or in Powerautomate....


Please add it. 

New Member

I'm wanting this as well.  I feel there still must be a way to do this.  Has anyone figured this out yet?

New Member

100% Agreed! "My day" is the core of To-Do but why is there no trigger or flow option for power automate?!

New Member

Yes please!!!