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Add Trigger for Microsoft Booking

I was looking through Power Automate and realized that there is no trigger for Microsoft Booking. I would like to add a flow for when an event is added into a specific Booking/Event, that it would automatically be added to both my personal and work outlook calendars!

Status: New
New Member

Wow. Yea this seems obvious. I hope/assume they just haven't gotten to automating the task that's meant to automate small business processes. 
I need it because Forms doesn't have Calendar integration without a host of programming-level automation. But with Bookings Custom-fields questions, it could be awesome. Connecting the new Booking with a To-Do on planner and Teams. Also the results of the Bookings form is much more presentable.
I would think there's more coming, because Bookings just got a face lift, so hopefully there's more investment coming.

New Member

This would also be useful for me!