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Add UPSERT Action to CDS

Could you add Upsert as a new action in Flow,LogicApps?


Status: New
New Member

If trigger for flow is to check when a record is created or updated in a CDS entity, we cannot do it with one trigger.

New Member

I definitely need this for data sync operations.

Advocate IV

And couple it with the ability to use alternate keys and it would be truely POWERful!

Advocate I

Synchronizing Dataverse for Teams tables from another system is very complex. There is no ability to import from a flat file so we have to load with Power Automate flow. 

Loading from Excel we have to add a complex "read the Excel row, query the database for the record, if it exists then edit, if not then add new.  This could all be fixed with an upsert action.

I'm told that the SDK already has the upsert function present, we just need to see it as an option in the connector.