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Add [When an upcoming event is starting soon] trigger in [Office 365 Group] connector

Since [Office 365 Group] connector has been added recently, it became much convenient to handle Group Calendar with Flow. However, there is only one trigger is available at present.

In order to improve usability, please consider adding [When an upcoming event is starting soon] as a trigger.


Thank you for your consideration.

Status: New
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What you're asking for is a nice shortcut, but couldn't you create a recurring flow that loads events and takes action if one is coming up in X minutes? That would likely you give you much more control.

New Member

Was there a solution for this. @gagathos I am unable to see a potential solution from what you described, you can get events from a calendar but those are only your events not just the groups events. It would be really great if I can get the teams group calendar to get an upcoming event to post a chat to the group chat.